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And how Animal Rx Essences got started

Flower essences are liquid messengers of inner health and harmony. They are highly effective, non-toxic herbal preparations that address core issues of wellness such as emotions, stress, mental attitudes, spiritual values and life purpose. Flower essences help bring balance to those areas and work towards developing sound mind-body health. These remedies are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behavior that hinder our full development or potential.


Derived by harvesting flowers at peak bloom, essences are made by placing them on a bowl of water and bathing them in solar energy for three hours. The essences are preserved with brandy and diluted to make the correct dosage.

Essences were popularized by Edward Bach, MD. He was trained in conventional medicine and homeopathy and recognized that there were mental and emotional links to physical conditions. Bach developed flower essences as a healing modality. Today flower essences are widely used to help people and animals heal and evolve.

They are taken internally or applied topically as drops or sprays. For animals, the essences are typically rubbed on the ears, feet, offered on the hand for licking, added to food or water or sprayed in the general vicinity.


AnimalRx Essences were created by Susanna Delman, a recognized expert on flower essences for animals and people with more than 20 years of experience working both nationally and internationally. Susanna is a flower essence counselor, skilled intuitive, and trained animal communicator with a Masters in Public Health. To learn more about Susanna, please visit

With gratitude for the essence crafters: thank you 

Susanna Delman is picking out the best flowers for essential oils for animals
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