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Flower essences for dogs, cats & other pets

Crisis Cooler is a rescue treatment for easing stress, trauma, injury or other emotionally overwhelming situations. This formula is designed to calm and rebalance your animal companion. Crisis Cooler can also be used to prevent acute stress reactions to events like trips to the vet, groomer or dentist.

Happy Heart was created for animal companions with low energy or who may seem sad. Happy Heart enhances feelings of love and peace especially in difficult times and when an animal has lost a human or animal companion. This formula helps to shift emotions so animals can reconnect with their inner beauty and sense of identity in the world.

Protection Plus is specially formulated to support your animal companion's sense of safety, security and wellness. It shields animals from negative energy and situations by creating an energetic boundary. Protection Plus also protects against toxicities of all kinds: allergens, chemical, emotional and others. It is ideal for sensitive animals afraid of visits to the vet, groomer or dentist.

Be Here Now is a centering formula designed to focus, ground and help settle your animal companion. It is effective in helping animals acclimate to new environments and accept changes with ease. This includes daily instances of separation anxiety when leaving your animal companion for any period of time. The Be Here Now formula may also help reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD and excessive barking.


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