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Help your Dog with Separation Anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety respond very well to Flower Essences!

5 Things you can do for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

  1. Exercise – Make sure your dog gets enough.

  2. Keep calm - leaving or returning to your pet should be no big deal.

  3. Entertain- Provide a distraction such as a Kong filled with peanut butter.

  4. Give him a break - Take your dog to daycare, Or Hire a dog walker 

  5. Train - Work with a behavior pro for behavior modification. This is especially helpful when your pet has destructive tendencies when left alone.

Be Here Now Flower Essence Supports your Dog


A Flower Essence may not be a silver bullet, but it supports your efforts by helping your dog be calmer and more focused - and more receptive to training.  Be Here Now is a centering formula designed to focus, ground and help settle your animal companion. It is effective in helping animals acclimate to new environments and accept changes with ease. This includes daily instances of separation anxiety when leaving your animal companion for any period of time. The Be Here Now formula may also help reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD and excessive barking.

How to Use Flower Essences

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Flower essences are not toxic in any dose and can be safely ingested by companion animals and humans.


Flower essences can be directly applied to your pets’ ears or paws or fur. Do not use around the eyes...but flower essences can also be sprayed into the air around your pet and be as effective as a direct application.

Use Be Here Now in combination with the practices suggested above and soon your dog and you will be happier!

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