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My Dog is Scared of Everything, What Can I Do??

Help for a dog who is scared.

So many of our companion animals are neurotic just like we are! And dogs can be fearful for a lot of different reasons; some we know about and some we don’t. Having a fearful dog and dealing with fearful dogs can challenging for the pet parent and for others who help us take care of our dogs.

There are so many fears for out there which can affect your best friend:

  • Fear of other dogs: bigger dogs or smaller dogs

  • Fear of the getting in the car

  • Fear of loud thunder

  • Fear of loud explainable or non-explainable noises

  • Fear of the vacuum

  • Fear of strange people

  • Fear of the veterinarian or dentist

  • Fear of being alone

  • Fear of the delivery truck/postal carrier

  • And other fears no less real that are not listed here

I have met dogs who were afraid of children, getting in the car, being left alone, groups of strange dogs and I even know a dog who is afraid of chemtrails (those are the condensed water lines left by airplanes).

Most of us don’t know what is going on in our animals’ heads. And this can make trying to take care of a scared dog a challenge.

Sometimes people with little dogs just pick them up when they exhibit fear symptoms but there are other ways to deal with this!

Here’s a strategy to help you if you’re thinking: My dog is scared of everything, what can I do?! These suggestions are based on my experience with AnimalRx Essences and helping scared dogs:

  1. Try Protection Plus first. This essence helps dogs feel like they are safer within their own skin. Protection Plus is a great remedy when dogs are afraid of other dogs (and when introducing new dogs). We used it with a small dog who had just come into a shelter and was afraid of going into the main room with all the other dogs. It took about an hour for the remedy to work and then he went right in to investigate the pack! He stayed out there with the pack and was fine.

  2. Crisis Cooler can help your best friend when you don’t know what s/he is afraid of. Crisis Cooler can also help with immediate problems like fear of thunder, the car, and trips to the vet, etc. It can also be used in combination with Protection Plus this combo helped a dog who had been attacked at a dog park end some of the fear he had about returning to the park.

  3. If your dog is scared of everything and anxiety ridden in general, give Be Here Now a try. It was made to help end worry. Be Here Now is also a rescue formula and helps your dog focus on what is happening in the present; it ends worry about the past or the future.

As mentioned before, if you’re looking for a way to calm an anxious dog, it’s important to try out different things. Flower essences and Thundershirts can really help your best friend become calm and feel safer. AnimalRx Essences are a great tool for your toolbox.

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