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Separation Anxiety in Dogs; What to do When Your Dog Has Anxiety

Photo by Mike Burke on Unsplash

Separation anxiety in dogs can be a serious problem for a lot of pet parents. Dogs like to be “in their pack” and leaving them alone isn’t what they want. However, trying to explain going to work to your dog so you can buy them cool toys will probably only get you stared at. If you’re lucky, you might get one of those cute head tilts that we see in YouTube videos.

Chances are your dog isn’t interested in these kind of excuses for why they’re being left behind.

Having a dog is a commitment we make for the rest of that dog’s life. And at AnimalRx Essences, we believe this means doing the very best we possibly can for our companion animals. Flower essences are a great source of bolstering emotional support for your furry friend.

Here is a list of 10 suggestions for how to stop separation anxiety in dogs and how to calm an anxious dog:

  1. If you have an anxious dog, the first thing to do is make sure that s/he gets enough exercise. Exercise is proven to help with reducing anxiety and depression. Exercise is calming to our furry friends and to us. In fact, it is also a great way to deepen the bond with our pets. And, it will help us both feel better.

  2. Keep really calm, cool, and collected while you’re leaving your pet. Don’t make your dog feel like s/he is being abandoned. Dogs with anxiety could experience an increase in their feelings of abandonment because they feel your emotions about leaving them home alone. Be calm and without emotion when you leave your pals and this will help them stay calm, too.

  3. Use essential oils to calm dogs. A timed diffuser with lavender and other calming scents could help your dog relax and sleep while you’re gone.

  4. Distract your friend. Give your dog something like a Kong toy with treats in it to keep them busy.

  5. Take your dog to daycare! Dogs with separation anxiety miss their “pack!” Good daycare facilities have pack management and will be able to help your dog have a fun day while you are at work.

  6. Hire a dog walker to take your pal out during the day so s/he can get exercise and socialize with other dogs. Not only will this benefit your dog’s health and well-being, it will add variety to their day and make them much happier!

  7. Ask your employer if you can bring your dog to work. Bringing pets to work is much more common these days, as businesses see that having pets in the workplace can relieve human anxiety and stress. Your companion could help your coworkers relax and in turn, you will be more productive at work!

  8. Work with a behavior pro for behavior modification to help your anxious dog. This is especially helpful when your pet has destructive tendencies when left alone.

  9. Flower essences for dogs with separation anxiety work particularly well! AnimalRx Essences has two remedies which can help your best friend with the emotional support s/he needs. Happy Heart is a remedy for the dog who gets sad and lonely when you leave. Sometimes a sad dog whines and truly feels heartbreak. Happy Heart can help with your friend’s sadness. If your dog is one of the worrying types, Be Here Now helps calm dogs with separation anxiety. Dogs who run back and forth to the doors waiting for you to come back can especially benefit from Be Here Now. This essence helps dogs not worry about the past or the future; it helps them have a more peaceful mind.

  10. Consider adopting an additional dog with a calmer personality! Your friend gets lonely just like you can get lonely. Another dog may help with your dog’s stress levels. Your local shelter can be very helpful with advice on which dogs will be calmer and you and your pal can “interview” them!

Leaving a dog home alone for long stretches of time is not fair to your friend. s/he needs to go outside and relieve her/him self. Not being able to do this can also promote anxiety!

Please consider one or two of the suggestions above to help your best friend with separation anxiety and know that it is our responsibility to make sure our companion animals have enriching, worry-free full lives just like us.


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